Here’s The Exact Time Of Day To Have The Most Mind-Blowing Sex



Real talk: How’s your sex life been lately? If it’s been less than amazing, it could be because you’re forcing sexy time to happen at the wrong time of day…and maybe even on the wrong day of the month.

For most people, sexy time is synonymous with night time. In movies it’s dinner> candles>DOIN’ IT>wake up abnormally glowing in the morning sun. Movies tend to lie about everything though, so it’s no surprise that they’d steer us wrong when it comes to coitus as well.

If you really want to have sex you’ll want to brag about later, science has zeroed in on the exact hour of the day in which to get it on. The only problem is, most of us are gonna have trouble making it work with our jam packed schedules. Still, if the braniacs who figured it out are right, it might be worth the PTO it takes to make it happen.

OK, are you ready to learn the magical hour for LOVE MAKING?


According to hormone expert Alisa Vitti, the best time for a man and woman to have sex is 3 p.m.

That’s right, folks! All this time you’ve been unleashing the beast with two backs at night (or in the morning if you’re lucky) when sex is actually at its sexiest in the middle of the afternoon. WHEN YOU’RE AT WORK.

According to Vitti, afternoon sex is better because that’s the time of day when women have high levels of the hormone cortisol, which helps alertness, and makes them feel energetic. Around the same time, men have elevated levels ofoestrogen, making them “more emotionally present” during sex.

OK, so both of those things mean that afternoon sex is really most ideal for the female side of a heterosexual couple, but so what? Sex has been all about what the dude wants for far too long, and it’s not like a guy’s not gonna love it if his woman wants a mid-day tumble in the sheets.

If you’re bummed out that you’re usually at your desk during prime sexy time, Vitti suggests testing out the afternoon delight theory on the weekends.

Vitti also said the best time of the month to have sex was during the ten days or so after ovulation, when “women experience a surge in estrogen and testosterone that causes their desire to skyrocket.” She added that at this point women “feel way more appreciative of receiving pleasure.”


Now go forth and bang scientifically!!

h/t DailyMail & Metro

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